Please read and note important info below that all club members are expected to follow.

Villa FC holds a limited function licence and operates most Saturday and some Sunday afternoons during the season. As such:

  • Alcohol purchased from the club bar must be consumed within the designated roped off areas on both sides of the clubhouse and including the clubhouse.
  • All other areas of Crawford Park under the control of Ballina Shire Council and in conjunction with the police, are alcohol free zones.
  • When our licence is not operating the entire area of Crawford Park is an alcohol free zone.
  • No glass bottles are to be brought to any sporting grounds.

Therefore the committee requests that when the bar is open that:

  • No other alcohol is brought to Crawford Park.
  • When purchasing alcohol from the bar please consume it within the roped off areas or the clubhouse.
  • No alcohol is to be brought into the change rooms.
  • Please support the club with these requirements. This is a legal matter and are the conditions under which the licence must operate.
  • Consumption of alcohol in the alcohol free zones is at the consumer’s risk. Licencing police will be at Crawford Park at different times during the season, unannounced. Fines and other actions may occur.
  • Please support your club and respect the legal obligations associated with holding a liquor licence. The revenue from the canteen and bar assists with meeting our financial obligations for electricity, rates and equipment which cannot be covered by fees.

Please also read our clubs Alcohol policy here.

NO smoking (of any kind) is permitted in the vicinity of a sporting precinct. This is a NSW State Government LAW and severe penalties apply.
Please also read our clubs Smoke Free policy here.

Our clubs Member Protection policy is about a person’s right to be treated with respect and dignity, and to be safe and protected. It also outlines each members rights and responsibilities regarding this.
As role models to our junior players we ask that all senior members lead by example in displaying these positive behaviours.
Please read a summary of this policy here and also our Codes of Behaviour here.