Tomorrow our junior players will celebrate their season at the junior presentations and receive their trophies.

Whether teams won lots of games, or didn't, no longer matters. What matters is new friends made, team work learnt, getting outside and running around, and smiles on faces!

But tomorrow is also about our volunteers, the life blood of our club and our community.

According to our MiniRoos VP, Glenn Hargrave, our volunteers are legends. But I'll let him tell his story:
"My son started playing for Villa 6 yrs ago, and we've been to all the carnivals. We would turn up, play games and go home!! And whilst I've always respected the effort of those behind the scenes, I'd never really thought about it too much."

"I started coaching his team, cause no one else was available. I turned up one day a week, and on Saturdays, and thought I was doing it all!! But each Saturday, people like Jan and Russell, Rick, Andy, Mark, Tiffany, Matt Priddle, John Noble, Pete Weingarth and many others were always there, helping, so my son could play."
"I turned up as a coach to our Carnival, and thought I'd had a hard day organising my team, but the same people mentioned above were working on organising that carnival months in advance, and many had been there from 5am, and the same ones were there still cleaning up at 7pm."
"So after many years, I helped out with the Carnival as Coordinator, and truly discovered what a brilliant group of people these guys and gals are. Being involved in the carnival committee, really made me realise what an effort people have gone to, year in year out, for nothing else but to serve their community." 
"This year is my first year as Miniroos VP and Carnival Coordinator, and I've loved it! Villa has a great reputation as a club, and is not the biggest junior football club on the north coast because of its sporting achievements!"
"It's because of the awesome people who have worked tirelessly and selflessly to bring football to our community. People with a whole bunch of competing priorities in their lives. People who will read emails at 3am and respond, people whose kids have long grown up and moved on. That's our team!"
"I hope to remain a part of the Villa club for a long time to come, for nothing else except that I'm proud to be part of such a selfless, community group. You are all legends!!"
Thanks very much Glenn for your humbling reminder of the importance of our valued volunteers.
And tomorrow, we ask you all to join us in celebrating your children's season, and also to say a kind word or two to our volunteers!

  • Junior Presentation (Gr12-16) - SAT 15TH SEPT - GW - 9:30AM
  • MiniRoos Presentation (Gr6-11) - SAT 15TH SEPT - GW - 11:30AM
  • Coaches - please return your gear at the presentations
  • Senior Presentation - SAT 6TH OCT - Plateau Sports, more details soon