Below is a message from FFNC about the proposed changes to the competition structure in 2020.


The Football Far North Coast Board of Directors has endorsed a range of changes to various competitions (and regulations) that will apply beyond season 2019.

Although there has been an opportunity to speak personally with at least one delegate at most of the clubs over the few weeks, this e-mail will today provide a formal disclosure for all member clubs. The response from all clubs and individuals thus far has been overwhelmingly positive. We trust that the decisions made by FFNC will subsequently prove to have adequately responded to issues such as the perennial questions and views about men’s premier reserve grade competition as a legitimate format (or otherwise?). Underpinning the recommendations made to the FFNC Board of Directors, is a commitment to show leadership by making decisions on historical issues that have failed to resolve some concerns and to do so by proceeding in a manner that sought to engage with stakeholders as part of such process.

FFNC is committed to a strategy that is linked to four main focus areas that are aligned to Four Pillars that exist within the Strategic Plan of Football Federation Australia (FFA) and Northern NSW Football (NNSWF);

  1. Entertaining;
  2. Winning;
  3. Participating;
  4. Leading.

The background information above is appropriate to understand a context of issues that is complex and reflects a broad strategy (and responsibility) for Football Far North Coast to uphold. The needs of ALL member clubs, plus 7000 players, match officials and stakeholders both locally and beyond the region, influence all decisions that are made at Football Far North Coast. Consultation has occurred in a range of ways on the matters referred to below, including forums, surveys, research of historical data and a lot of communication both verbal and written. The origins of this process extend over several decades and while change is inevitable, FFNC must respect historical factors that are engrained into our game locally when material changes are proposed. We trust that we have been able to achieve such objective from the decisions made in this instance.

We highlight the proposed formats and conditions that are endorsed relevant to various competitions beyond 2019.

  • The Men’s Premier Division competition will be formally known as The Men’s PREMIER LEAGUE;
  • The Men’s Premier Reserve Grade competition will be known as The Championship League;
  • Entry to the Championship League competition will be by nomination (and grading by FFNC) (or subsequent promotion from Division ONE);
  • An individual club will be eligible to have a maximum of ONE (1) team in each respective competition.
  • The Men’s Premier League will be an interchange competition (not substitute);
  • The Men’s Premier League and Championship Leagues will not be formally linked (ie a club is not required to have a team in both competitions);
  • A formal squad structure will not exist between these two competitions as has historically been a condition of being in premier division (and reserves);
  • The Championship League will formally be the second tier of competition in the zone;
  • Promotion to the Premier League will require a team/club to win the Championship League (ie pointscore competition);
  • An individual club will be permitted to have a maximum of ONE (1) team only in the Premier League in any one season;
  • An individual club will be permitted to have a maximum of ONE (1) team only in the Championship League in any one season;
  • Men’s Division ONE will be formally the THIRD tier of competition;
  • ALL senior competitions will ideally be a TEN (10) team structure (even if that is nine (9) teams plus a BYE);
  • The Women’s Premier Division competition will be formally known as The Women’s PREMIER LEAGUE;

We also make it known;

  1. FFNC has received verbal advice that Maclean FC has been given approval by North Coast Football (NCF) to return to FFNC in 2020;
  2. FFNC has endorsed the entry of Maclean FC to (1) Men’s Premier League and (2) Championship League;
  3. FFNC anticipates written confirmation from NCF in due course;
  4. The Men’s Premier League is anticipated to be a NINE (9) team plus a Bye competition in 2020;
  5. The Championship League will be a TEN (10) team competition in 2020;
  6. Member clubs are urged to promote opportunities for YOUTH (including junior players aged 14, 15 or 16) to participate in the three respective highest tiers of competitions, being men’s premier league, championship league and women’s premier league;
  7. FFNC will explore reasonable ways to support such participation, noting that less latitude will be given for juniors (or young adults) to register and participate in lower competitions but to also participate in higher competitions (ie six-up rule);
  8. Grading will be “from higher competitions to lower competitions”;


  • Issues such as providing reasonable opportunity for players to return from injury in the Championship League are noted and will be considered accordingly;
  • The opportunity to promote reasonable participation of individual players in the premier league is one reason for moving from substitute to interchange;
  • The distinct premier league and championship competitions and potential scheduling variances for each team is also a factor in moving to an interchange format;
  • Grading for ALL competitions will be more closely linked to results of teams/clubs from the immediate past season;
  • This means that clubs can expect to see teams graded “up or down” based on results, with the TOP TWO teams likely to be promoted and the BOTTOM TWO likely to be relegated for the next season;

We concede that there will likely be items that will require more assessment as we evolve the competition framework. The enthusiastic feedback (in almost every case) so far, leads us to believe that the proposed changes are sound and appropriate.

(From FFNC)

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